What Our Clients Are Saying!

Stella, I can’t tell you how wonderful I felt after I left your place yesterday. You truly have a special gift. Thank you so much.

– Ashley

I felt at peace to listen to my current situations and knowing that the road ahead is grand even with some obstacles. This visit was very comforting. Thank you Amal!

– Monika

I loved the the coffee reading! Amal was amazingly accurate and her reading really resonated with how I was feeling and where I am in my life. I highly recommend her services and she is very kind and nice to be around.

– Megan

Amal is great! The reading was incredible and accurate! Great for clarity! Amal is calming and very friendly! Thank you!

– Bronwen

This was a truly excellent reading. I was amazed at how accurately Stella grasped my current situation.

– Liz

Reiki was an amazing experience. It was very calming. I feel as though I will make this a common practice for my well being. Thank you Stella!

– Ambika

The coffee reading was absolutely amazing! Everything Amal said was completely related to what is going on in my life. Amal is an amazing person and I love being around her 🙂

– Tamara

I came to see Amal for Reiki and a massage. It was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the Reiki and it was fascinating to feel the energy. Amal made me feel really comfortable and relaxed and I really enjoyed the experience! I will definitely come back and I highly recommend her services.

– Olga

Amal just completed a wonderful Reiki session on me. I feel very energetic, optimistic, and happy right now. I am going for surgery tomorrow and feel the Reiki session has prepared me for that. Thank you, Amal!

– Lise

Thank you very much for the coffee reading. The coffee tasted good and your reading was very accurate. Amazing job Stella!

– Sharika

Amal just did a fascinating coffee reading. Without me giving information, she described several situations in my life. Very enlightening!!

– Kimmy

I came to Amal on a whim. Just had a feeling she did a tarot reading and it confirmed what I had been thinking. But she also provided some helpful suggestions. I found the whole process very soothing and comforting. Thank you, Amal!

– Samantha

Excellent tarot reading. Her ability to articulate her thoughts is amazing. I definitely would recommend her. Thanks, Amal!

– Anne

I had a great experience with my face threading. Amal is very nice and a highly-skilled individual. She made me feel at ease and I am very happy with the outcome.  The prices are reasonable and her space is very welcoming and warm. I will definitely recommend her, and will keep coming back to her. 

– Elaine

I can’t wait for our next Massage session. It was so relaxing and calming. Thank you, Amal.

– Sarah

Amal, thank you for such a great coffee reading. You really guided me and now helping me during my challenging times. Thank you thank you!

– Olimpia

I had my coffee and tarot reading today with Amal and I must say I had a wonderful time. Both readings were very powerful, in-depth, insightful, and enlightening. I love your home, your business, and all that you do. Can it please be my go-to place when I need to get away? I love your company. Great energy. Thank you.

– Chloe

Thank you Stella for such a wonderful coffee reading! My first experience was wonderful. Amal was so thorough and caring in her approach. I’m grateful for her reading and all the information. Blessings to you and your new home! Can’t wait to come again.

– Melanie

Thank you so much Stella for sharing your energy, intuition, and guidance with me. The cup reading was very intuitive, spot on, and added a few other points for me to reflect on in my journey. The Reiki and massage were done with such care, intention, and gentleness. You are a doll to get to know and I wish we lived closer so I could come back for more treatments. Thank you so much!

– Paige

This was my first experience with tarot readings and Amal made me feel comfortable. She took her time explaining how it works and even during her reading, she articulated her thoughts well. Amal has a true gift and I love coming to see her! Her predictions have always been accurate and I feel  confident in what she tells me.

– Olga

A very thoughtful & enlightening coffee reading. Stella is a very kind & intuitive soul, and would highly recommend her readings to anyone.


I had an amazing massage in a beautiful environment. Stella is a wonderful non-RMT masseuse, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a relaxing fully body massage.

– Jackie

I came to Richmond Hill Reiki for a card reading regarding a personal issue. I chose the Answer Deck, which is a Tarot-like deck. I was completely impressed and amazed at the accuracy of the reading by Amal. I have full confidence in her ability to accurately read the cards. 

– Karen

I have had several Reiki sessions at Richmond Hill Reiki. Amal is an amazing Reiki practitioner, and the treatment room transports you to another dimension. Highly recommended experience. 

– Krystal

I could feel Amal’s beautiful, calming energy from the moment I walked into her space. We did a coffee reading followed by Reiki. The coffee reading gave me reassurance and clarity about my life’s path. The Reiki was beyond relaxing. I felt safe and cared for and as if all my worries disappeared. Thank you Amal, for sharing your energy with me! 

– Nadia

I have had several threading sessions with Amal who is an expert at eyebrow and facial threading. The procedure was pain-free and she completely improved my appearance, and I am happy to recommend her to anyone in need of facial threading services. 

– Hudsina