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We are a Reiki healing service located in the heart of Richmond Hill Ontario, providing Reiki, massage, and a variety of psychic services catering to women only. Explore our menu to find the services that are right for you!

All Hands-On Back $90/hr*

This Reiki session will help you reduce anxiety, seek direction, expand your spiritual awareness, clear your mind, body, soul and energy, or simply just help you relax and take some time for you.


*followed by a gentle head massage

Relaxation Massage Services $40/hr

You may choose to enjoy a relaxing massage by our non-RMT trained masseuse. This treatment is guaranteed to alleviate stress, pain, anxiety and depression. Massage has the additional benefits of better concentration, increased energy, less fatigue and better sleep.

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It’s In The Cards $40

A Tarot reading can motivate you to take action in your life, as well as improve your health, family, career, love life, or just overall daily living and well-being.


Tarot Reading + Life Purpose Oracle Card Reading $45

After your Tarot reading, for only $5 dollars, you may choose to pick a Life Purpose Oracle Card for a reading of that card as part of your Tarot reading.

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Answer Deck Cards Reading $40

The Answer Deck cards are another type of divination cards similar to Tarot. They are read on a special mat and are uniquely designed to answer specific questions of the querent.


Answer Deck Cards Reading+ Life Purpose Oracle Card Reading $45

After your Answer Deck reading, for only $5 dollars, you may choose to pick a Life Purpose Oracle Card for a reading of that card as part of your Answer Deck reading.

tarot reading toronto

Grounds for Discourse $25

Enjoy your coffee and relax while I read & interpret the images and shapes created in the coffee grounds about you, your loved ones, your past, present, and your future.

Traditional fortune telling in Turkish coffee. Heart shape on coffee stain.

Dream Analysis $25

Dream analysis is the process of assigning meaning to dreams. It is a therapeutic technique best known for its use in psychoanalysis and tapping into the individual’s unconscious. The interpretation of dreams originated in ancient societies (e.g., Egypt and other parts of the Middle East, Greece). I have many years of experience interpreting and analyzing dreams, and am able to assist you in understanding what your dreams mean and how they might inform and impact your life.

Wish Upon A Lamp $15

Three wishes & messages which will provide you with meaningful answers and advice to carry with you.

Reiki services

Threading Services

  • Eyebrows – $10
  • Chin or upper lip – $7
  • Chin & upper lip – $12
  • Eyebrows, upper lip & chin – $20
  • Eyebrows & upper lip – $13
  • Full face – $25

Also Servicing

  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Corporate Events
  • Retreats
  • Birthdays
  • And more!

Note: All reiki and massage services from Richmond Hill location only.

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